My Parents Were Awesome

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Uh Oh...looks like someone is scanning in photos again! Get ready, world!

These were too cute to not post. Look at my adorable little Mama and Daddy! This was on their honeymoon:

Dad at Ruby Falls
What a Goofball!

Mom at Ruby Falls
Babe Alert! I've always remembered this outfit of Mom's from photos. This is how I want to dress when I grow up. Clean white tank top, casual blue pants, belt. Honestly, this is the epitome of good fashion in my book. Sometimes I think about this outfit when I am getting dressed, though I know I can't rock it as well as Mom does here.

Mom on her Honeymoon
You go, Tricia. (note: still rocking that look.)

Hard Hat David
I don't know where this was, but my Dad was adorable. Christopher looks so much like him!

and finally...

Hubba Hubba Tricia
BOOM! Super fox! Check out those legs! Again with the fashion, too. I love it. I wore cutoff shorts yesterday, and didn't look as good as this. In my defense, though, I am in my early 30s where Mom here is early 20s. Also in my defense, I might be too old to rock cutoffs in public, sure, but it is hard to break the habit when you are from Mississippi, even if you haven't lived there for 10 years. It's just in your blood. But yeah--woowee! Looking good!!

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My day has been made! Now if I could only fit into those pants again! And the video, I still got all fluttery when Ian jumped out there at the end.