A Very True Story

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Today our coworker from New York was due into town. We love her.

As it was approaching her arrival time, we were getting anxious and excited.

The door buzzer rang. We ran to the intercom, but didn't hear anything, so we ran to the door, flung it wide open and posed like two little woodland creatures (as one does.)

Our coworker did not come around the corner, but instead a pizza delivery man.

Who saw us standing like squirrels in the doorway.

We did not order pizza.
We tried to tell him, but he didn't hear us...

...because he was deaf.

So then we had to not only ignore the fact that we were initially posing like wood nymphs (as one does), but then try to tell him that he had the wrong address. This took a while to do.

Typical Tuesday...

1 Comment

Typical Tuesday. I mean, really? Who doesn't pose like a pouncing squirrel when they're really excited to see their coworker from New York?! That poor, deaf pizza guy.