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I am taking a mental health weekend. I'm not going to answer or look at the phone, I'm ignoring emails. I am spending a little time getting comfortable with something I've become afraid of. I'm going to do some soul nourishing with an old friend.

Exciting! Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Breakfast Club: The Musical

Breakfast Club.jpg

Jeff and I choreographed this fun show which opens next week. Written and directed by Jason Chin, and featuring a live band! I can't wait to see it.

IO Theatre
Starting February 4th
Thursdays @ 10:30pm

Fuzzy's Commercial!

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Here's is Fuzzy's ad he was in last year. A different version was shown in Best Buys nationwide. I wanted to see it in every state that we drove through on our big roadtrip last year, but Fuzzy said no. But I think I did see it in 3 different states! I am so proud! I would stand around in the monitor section and hope that someone would walk buy as it was playing so I could say "THAT'S MY HUSBAND!"

Thanks to our friend Andrew who put it online!

"Do-not forget to bring in those files."
"Tomorrow looks like it will be a good day, don' it?"
"I'll make sure I don't glaze over when I look at those numbers."
"I put on my make-up this morning, and it was a bit cakey."
"I am going to do my hair up in c(r)urllers tomorrow."
"Do you know my uncle, Don Utt?"
"I got it. Don't Frit(ter)."
"The yeast we can do is balance this sheet."
"Do you mind bringing in some donuts tomorrow?"

--List compiled by Shannon and myself.

Watch This

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Go Saints! Go New Orleans!

(thanks to Jeff!)

Too Good to Not Post

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From an email from my brother:

"When we get to Africa, y'all will have to come visit. There's just something about the place that gets in your blood. Unfortunately, that something is malaria." --Chris Reid, Social Worker, Humorist

Bread and Butter

Fuzzy made an amazing paella last night, and so tonight for dinner we are eating it again along with a salad and a delicious baguette with raclette.

All I want to do is eat that baguette with some butter.

To commemorate this, Fuzzy and I were remembering some classing sayings about this simple snack:

"It is their bread and butter."
"Man cannot live by bread alone."
"Butter my butt and call me a baguette."
"Hey, it might not be a good idea to eat that entire stick of butter."
"That baguette is as tender as a creamed swine."
"Would you eat a butter lamb for $100?"
"Bread." (this of course being a reference to the classic song I wrote about bread a few years back. Ask me nicely, and maybe I'll do a recording of the song.)

Parker Sleep


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Being from Vicksburg, I've been a Saints fan my whole life. We went to NoLa on field trips at school, we went for concerts, and we went for numberous family weekends each year growing up. I remember singing along with the Who Dat commercials on the radio, and driving past the Superdome on the way into town each time.

In December of 2006, we got to go to our very first Saints game, thanks to our friend Shaun. Here are some fun photos from that game (we look a lot different!):
Fuzzy and Erica
Saints game
Saints Win!


I think I am going to throw up.

Po Campo in BUST Magazine!


In the Feb/Mar 2010 issue. Go Po Campo!

What we look like at the computer at home

Meet Me at the Barre

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I am feeling better.

For the first time in over a week I got dressed real clothes (sweater and jeans) and I wore earrings and I actually put on makeup today. I woke up this morning feeling good and not stressed out. I am over my cold (just have a runny nose) and feeling more hopeful. The weekend was really hard--lets just say there were a lot of tears--but that happens every now and again.

Contributing to my happiness today is this-- I went to my first ballet class in over a decade last night. I was really nervous, since I have all sorts of conflicted emotions entwined with ballet, and although it is the primary dance that I trained in, for some reason I've been convinced that it is easier to take anything but. I had a crappy day yesterday again, and class was at 6:30--fortunately, my awesome friend Megan didn't give me a chance to get out of it, she just said we would 'dance out the stress.' So we went. And it was wonderful. So fun. So natural. It just felt right. My body instantly fell back into the routines of the barre work and the floor routines and the leaps across the floor. It was great. It was kind of like putting on a broken-in pair of jeans or shoes--the feeling was so comfortable I can't believe I've gone without it for so long. After class I felt great. When Fuzzy came home, we ordered Chinese food, and we talked and laughed and played video games and just had a lovely time together in each other's company.

I felt my hope and happiness coming back to me, and I slept really well.

I am loving this dance renaissance that I am having. When you stop exercising, your mind forgets how good you feel when you are doing it. It feels good to be active. It releases the happy chemicals in your brain. It makes you feel better overall. And with dancing, on top of the feeling of activity and strength, you have the feeling of art and creativity and expression and freedom. So while stress and anxiety are causing me to pull back on my theatrical/producer/comedic/choreographer responsibilities, I am focusing on pushing my mind and body with dance class, and it is speaking directly to my soul.



I have lots to say, but am too stressed out, anxious and busy to get it out today. I hope to later.

Last night, however, Parker was laying on the couch in a perfect little shape of a dollop of cat. She looked like someone took a big ole spoonful of cat batter and dropped her into boiling cat broth and out came the perfect little kitty dumpling.

It was all I could do not to eat her up.

Who Dat?!

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Yeah Saints!!!
Don't stop till you get that Vince Lombardi Trophy!!

Erica on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown


I am sick.
And I am stressed out.
I get sick when I am stressed out.
I get stressed out when I am sick.

Not good combos.

I've been feeling really good lately, but this week, I've been coming undone.
Everything is frustrating me. Everyone is making me angry. Everything is overwhelming.

I have one project that I am working on, but it will be over and done with in a couple weeks. Then I will take a break from creative endeavors and focus on my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Homegirl needs some down time. I need to spend my spare time with my husband, relaxing, or in dance class.

The biggest thing going on in the Reid family is that Mom is selling her house, and moving into my grandmother's old house. Though stressful, this is a good thing. The house she is in now is too big for just her, and she needs a change of scenery. I can't say that I am the biggest fan of her moving into the house she grew up in, but it is the easiest solution. This is going to be a tough move. While this isn't the house that I grew up in, it was the fantasy house Mom and Dad were going to retire in. Years ago, they had a big fabulous deck custom built on the back of it--I've spent countless hours on that deck, sleeping, laughing, talking, drinking, playing, eating, smiling. Lots of good memories are in that house. A lot of painful ones, too. Lots. I won't be able to go down for an extended trip to get all my personal belongings and things that I want of Dad's and Memaw's until this summer, but I am going down in February to do a preliminary pack and clean of the current house. There is a lot of work to be done. On top of that, there is a lot of work to do in Memaw's old house, too, which is the house we cleaned out in September of 08. That will be a hard transition--the house that I have a lifetime of memories of growing up in and associations with will now take on a new level of associations, being my mother's house and not my grandparents. That will require its own grieving process--any change is a series of loss and regrowth, and that is important to recognize, I think.

I think one of the best things I could have done for myself last year was not going to Vicksburg. So much of the last several years has been flying back and forth and taking care of someone or another, and seeing so much sickness, so many hospitals and so many tears. And so last year, I didn't go. Instead, I tried to focus on my life in Chicago, my relationship with my amazing husband, what I needed to make me happy, and the travels and adventures that we wanted to go on. It wasn't all easy--we had lots of long distance crises that we had to deal with--mom's mental wellness, specifically--, but I tried really hard to not let them drag me down. It is easy to get all "woe is me" here, because nothing is ever easy for the Reids these days, but it is more important to just keep looking ahead and moving forward. And I am glad that I had those fun ME and US moments last year to strengthen me up for the coming year.

Every now and again, though, you have to process the weight of things, and that is what is happening to me this week.

I can't stop sneezing. I can't breathe. I really want to go to jazz class tonight--these classes have been such an outlet for me and bringing me so much joy--but I don't think I have the strength or stamina to do so. Balls to that.

I want to make lasanga. I never have. Maybe I will do this tomorrow night.

I have to really watch my social engagements. My impulse is to accept every invitation and event, but in reality, I get so weighed down I often have to cancel or change my plans. I need to be more honest with myself upfront and really consider how much I can handle. We had 3 different events to attend this past weekend, and on the last day, I got sick. What this also means is that I am becoming more and more of an unreliable friend. I like to think that I am someone you can depend on, but more and more, I am finding that my follow-through is terrible. In theory I would love to make you dinner and spend time with your kid, but in reality, I just can't.

I'm just going to keep on rambling here.

You know what I really dislike? Talking on the phone. I never want to do it. I think it is years of being a phone operator followed by years of picking up the phone only to receive bad news that has made it a detestible activity for me. I know that it is the easiest and most direct way to communicate, but if you call me, I probably won't answer. I hate phone chit chat. Cell phones, too, make it worse. It might make me an old lady, but I miss the days of being disconnected.

Speaking of being an old lady, I think I will have to get in to the doctor soon. My left kidney is in an almost constant ache. Looks like it might be time for more testing! Fun fun!

In happy news, there is nothing as exciting as a 40 degree day in Chicago after an extended period of frozen-ass-coldness like we've had. Seriously, y'all, I want to wear a Tshirt outside it feels so good.

Last night I was talking to Fuzzy about this "life crisis" that me and so many of our friends are going through--the desire to change jobs, locations, situations, etc, but then I realized--it isn't a crisis at all. It is just life. That is what we are supposed to do--question it, change it up. And it is good to change things up and take a risk every now and again so that we don't get grumpy, stale and bitter. We spend our whole lives trying to be happy and to figure it out--and that's just it. That's what we're supposed to do. That comforted me a bit.

In other happy news, this is my new favorite video ever. I can't stop watching it and it makes me cry every time. I will embed it as soon as they make that an option (or maybe I am just missing it). Click here: OK Go's video for This Too Shall Pass. Good advice, too.

Soo, yeah.

Although 2010 is a doozy so far and will continue to be so, I am also going to make it a priority to just throw everything aside, even just for a little while, and run as far and as hard as I can.



I think I am going looney

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Laaa Deee Daadles Dee Dee

Traaa Feee Maadles Mee Mee

Bock Bock Bock Tree Tree Tree

Laaa Deee Daadles Dee Dee

Serious Cute


Warning! This photo will make your heart melt!

serious cute2.jpg

New Shows!

Two shows that I have worked on are premiering this weekend:

A Burlesque Tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall
Jan 8, 9, 15, and 16th at 10pm at The Viaduct


At Chicago Sketchfest
Saturday, January 9th at 8pm at the Theatre Building