Sentences to Subliminally Put in an Email to Make Your Accountant Bring in Donuts Tomorrow.


"Do-not forget to bring in those files."
"Tomorrow looks like it will be a good day, don' it?"
"I'll make sure I don't glaze over when I look at those numbers."
"I put on my make-up this morning, and it was a bit cakey."
"I am going to do my hair up in c(r)urllers tomorrow."
"Do you know my uncle, Don Utt?"
"I got it. Don't Frit(ter)."
"The yeast we can do is balance this sheet."
"Do you mind bringing in some donuts tomorrow?"

--List compiled by Shannon and myself.


"Do you guys mind if I put on some music? I've got Boston, Cream, Eagle Eye Cherry, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and Daniel Powter."

I have a pound caking headache.
if we go camping be sure to bring your jelly roll for under the sleeping bag.

the thing about camping is you have to be on the lookout for Bear Claws

Can you have a column on exel for those crummy upside bundt pan losses we had in 2009 at the store?