Bread and Butter

Fuzzy made an amazing paella last night, and so tonight for dinner we are eating it again along with a salad and a delicious baguette with raclette.

All I want to do is eat that baguette with some butter.

To commemorate this, Fuzzy and I were remembering some classing sayings about this simple snack:

"It is their bread and butter."
"Man cannot live by bread alone."
"Butter my butt and call me a baguette."
"Hey, it might not be a good idea to eat that entire stick of butter."
"That baguette is as tender as a creamed swine."
"Would you eat a butter lamb for $100?"
"Bread." (this of course being a reference to the classic song I wrote about bread a few years back. Ask me nicely, and maybe I'll do a recording of the song.)