Umm...Kid Rock? I hate to tell you this...


Tonight I saw a video on MTV Hits for Kid Rock's song, Jackson, Mississippi. When it came on, I got excited--I had surprisingly never heard it before. The video cuts between live concert footage and clips of him and his band on a barge on the MS River.


Then the chorus started:
And I feel like Jackson, Mississippi
A river runnin
Like Jackson, Mississippi
A river runnin
Like Jackson, Mississippi
A river runnin thru my veins

Oh, Kid Rock. Did no one have the heart to tell you that the River doesn't flow through Jackson? Cause you could have easily picked another location. I mean, You can feel like Natchez, Mississippi or even Vicksburg Mississippi, sure. But Jackson? That's just embarrassing.


Maybe he means the Pearl River?

And they couldn't get a barge on the Pearl so they used footage of the MS river. Oh, no matter how you look at it, he should have known.

As a Detroit gal, I feel the need to defend Mr. Rock. Maybe he's speaking metaphorically. Like a river is METAPHORICALLY running through his veins, just like the Mississippi river METAPHORICALLY through the entire south. Kid Rock is deep... as deep as the Mighty Miss.

Shannon, that dog don't hunt -- he specifically names Jackson. I can't just say "I'm flying, like a penguin" and then argue that, well, penguins are birds and most birds *do* fly.

Fuzzy, I think your example still backs up my point. "I'm flying, like a penguin" can be interpreted that you are not physcially soaring through the air because penguins can't fly, but in your soul you are flying because that's what most birds do except for the bird that you are using in the metaphor. Penguins can't fly and neither can we. It's sad. It's deep.

You're probably right, but I shall continue to think that Kid is using deep metaphors beyond our comprehension... and probably beyond his own.