Some Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Night


1. I've been having some funky kidney/ sick problems this week and I am so sick of it! Being sick or in pain makes me feel like such an idiot. If it keeps bugging, I'll eventually call a doctor. It just is annoying.

2. I think for the first time EVER, the top 2 girls on America's Next Top Model are my top 2 picks from the very beginning. So whoever wins next week, I will be happy!

3. I love Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA." Love it. Makes me want to dance, so I do.

4. I get jealous of girls in music videos who wear cutoff shorts. I miss wearing cuttoffs. Now, I know my 30 year old ass and thighs don't need to be squeezing into cuttoffs, but damn, I miss the South sometimes. Why does Chicago have to be cold 9 months out of the year? And now I am signing a lease for my apartment through July 2011, so you know I'm not moving any time soon. Maybe I need to vacation more in warm climates. Or crank up the heat in the house.

5. When I see things about tropical vacations, I ache in my heart and gut. One day we'll get there. Yes. Just gotta get out of debt.

6. Whatever, Martha is hilarious. I just watched it for the first time tonight, and I loved it.

7. Are y'all proud of me that I'm not watching this season of "The City"? I am.


re: number 2 - i totally said the EXACT same thing to andy while i forced him to watch it tonight. for once! here's to all the kahlen's and joanie's and jenna's and alison's out there who should have totally won. what? yea whatever it may be my favourite show. no shame in that.