More Comparisons


Today I was told that with my hair the color that it is, I look like Strawberry Shortcake.

The question is:

Old Strawberry Shortcake?

Or New Strawberry Shortcake?

You be the judge.

Hi! A lot of you have been finding this site while doing a search for Strawberry Shortcake! Welcome!
What is really funny to me is that I put up that goobery photo of me to make my friends laugh and now everyone is seeing it. So to save face, here is a more flattering photo of me when I had the red hair (alas, it is no more...)

New hair!

Has anyone ever noticed how cherry Chloraseptic tastes like how Strawberry Shortcake Dolls used to smell? Neat!


judging just by the color of the hair, definitely the "old" strawberry shortcake. i hate that they "sexy-ed" her up. she's a kid's doll, she should look like a kid!

I'd also have to say the older/classic strawberry shortcake. She has a cat. And I've never seen you sit on a flower before just to chill out.

I think the original one IOI

They didn't sex her up, they modernized her. She's still wearing a kiddie outfit just straightened her hair and it's longer. I love the old one but the new one is for this generation. You could be either're red is a nice red.

OMG I was just going to say the same thing as Waldie!! Facebook has this thing where you put your cartoon you liked as your profile pic - so i figured strawberry shortcake then i started googling pictures and i'm like since when did Strawberry Shortcake look so sexy? I'm totally with you Waldie - I dont like that they "sexy-ed" her up either - exactly - it's a kid's doll.... I say Classic S.S. too!

Ask that person if they think you look like a doll? That dates them-their atleast 30+. Ha! I think your hair is modern kind of like that lady from the Garbage rock band..Shirley Manson.tell them to come to the new mellenium when making analogies.LOL.

I don't know you, but found you by googling Strawberry Shortcake and must add my two cents in on the debate of whether she is sexed up or just modernized...

She definitely looks more sexy than she used to but I wouldn't necessarily say "sexed up." However, saying she's for "this generation" makes no sense. I love the old one, and although the new one's hair might be more like girl's hair these days (minus the fact that it's bright pink), what does that say about the 80's? I don't remember anyone in the 80's with yarn hair. She didn't need to be "modernized," she's a classic!

PS--Your hair is super cute. It's not yarn, nor is it hot pink, so I say neither. :)


old one def and i like he old one better

i love the new strawberry shortcake so i am gonna go for it!!!