The Touchdown Maker


When Erica and I get together, Magical Things happen. They always have. That's just how we are. You might even say that it is What Dreams Are Made Of. There is a lack of fear or restraint when we are together, and wonderful things just happen.

So Saturday morning comes, and we are out of coffee. And I really want eggs and bacon. So we throw on decent clothes and step out to run a few errands and get some groceries. After we buy a couple of pounds of Stumptown Coffee (ground for her, whole beans for me to take home,) we get back in the car to go to our next destination. "Wait," Erica says, "you need to come with me. We are about to do something really Brooklyn." I get out of the car. Erica: "We're going to buy bread from this store." Which store, you ask? Why, a store that sells gravestones. Yes, Gravestones. We walk in, and there are three men of varying ages, having a chat, and one jumps up and starts gushing over the two of us. "The modeling agency is across the street." Erica: "We'll have a baguette, please." Man: "That'll be 200 pennies--I'd be happy to count them with you if you want." When we left: "Try not to stop any traffic." All this in a gravestone storefront. Monuments. We bought bread from a monument store. You can read about it here and here. It was amazing. Truly truly amazing. And you know what? The bread was delicious.

We ran a few more errands, and then had to make a quick stop at the BP. It was jam-packed, and there were tents in the parking lot and music playing. We noticed a giant mascot being led by the hand by a gas station attendant. The mascot turned a corner, and we see it was an Eli Manning mascot in a NY Giants jersey. We found parking and decided that we needed to have our photo taken with him. Sadly, the Manning Mascot was going on break, and wouldn't come out (trust me, we asked.) We went back out to the parking lot to see what else was going on. There was a guy with a camera, and a guy in a Giants jersey signing autographs. We of course got in line.

Me: "Who is that?"
Photographer: "Stephen Baker, the Touchdown Maker."
Me and Erica then got really excited about him and decided who was going to stand on which side of him, etc.
Photographer: "Ok, you are next."
Me: "Yes! What's his name again?"
Photographer, matter of factly: "Stephen Baker, The Touchdown Maker."
(this cracked me up that we were so excited to get our picture taken with someone who we didn't know who he was, and I had to keep asking his name. I think I actually asked 3 times.)

We ran in on each side. He asked who wanted to hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy--we both did, of course. We took the photo, got some autographs (Erica complimented his handwriting) and then went on our merry way. Two days later, the photo was available online, and I think it is one of the best photos ever--we look like this might be one of the happiest moments in our lives. Check out that huge Superbowl Ring!


I realized afterwards that I was wearing my Saints tshirt that Fuzzy had just brought me back from New Orleans, after the week before's game when the Saints beat the Giants. Irony.

We ate our breakfast and Erica and Ariel introduced me to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which I can't decide if this is a blessing or a curse. All I know is that you don't want to be Tardy for the Party.

That morning, Erica got a phone call from her friend Bill, who told us that he was bartending a hoedown on the 4th floor of a parking garage above an IHOP in downtown Brooklyn and that we needed to go. Heck yeah, we did! Funny that I had to go to NYC to get a little taste of the South.

The Hoedown is on the 4th floor of the parking garage

There was so much great music.

Pulled Pork out of the back of a truck!
And great food! Pulled pork sandwiches were being made out of the back of a truck.

Danny and Erica at Hoedown
Danny and Erica

Who doesn't love a hoedown?

Erica introduced me to some of her awesome friends, and as we were chatting with one of them, Erica pointed out a guy that she thought we used to hang out with in Jackson from when we all lived there 10-11 years ago. Normally, we would be too shy to approach a stranger to ask if we knew him, but since we were together, there was no fear. It was a happy reunion. We all caught up and had a great chat. Crazy how small the world really is.

jay and erica
Blurry Jay and Erica

See what I mean? Magical.


I'm cracking my balls up at this post. I mean, seriously, could your life be any more fun? I feel like I just read a Dr. Seuss book, but nope, I just read Erica Reid's blog! I'm off to eat shredded wheat and Ovaltine and fall asleep while watching the 9:00 news. Please sprinkle some of that magic powder my way!

This is the best post ever! Crappy Halloweiner!