My New Best Friend


I was hanging out in Millenium Park on Friday, and this little guy walked by.

Ole Henry One Toe

Look at this guy! At first glance, he looks just like a regular old pigeon. But look again!

Ole Henry One Toe Detail

He doesn't have any feet! Just a swollen little stump and one toe. I love him! He kept flying away and then coming back and walking around, flying away, coming back and walking around. I couldn't get enough! I named him Ole Henry One Toe.

I wonder if he is related to Andy, the Footless Goose.


I wonder how that foot would hold up in battle with a lobster.

There are alot of those footless guys downtown. Especially around the Randolph El hub.

Did you know that ornitologically there is no difference between pigeons and doves. Just the feathers. I think pigeons are beautiful. I love the irridescent quality their feather have. And the cooing is soothing to me.

So why does my mom call them "rats with wings"?