Fall Has Come To Chicago

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AUTUMN! It's here! This morning it was in the 40s when I left for work, so I was decked out in coat and hat. I love the start of fall--it is so brisk and so invigorating, but of course I was filled with dread with what's to come. I am not looking forward to bundling up for 10 degree weather, scraping ice off the car, having to wear socks everyday. Immediately after my thought of "hooray! fall! apple cider!" I thought "I wonder if we can move somewhere warmer in January. Damn, I've committed myself to work on a show that opens in January. Well, we can move right after. But I'd miss my friends." No joke this is what I was thinking. While I know that a move isn't anywhere in our future, it made me realize what a Southern girl I am. Today's weather is a Southern winter--I would be so happy if it never got any colder than this. Ha ha, like that will happen. Of course, we are all sick cause Sunday was the perfect summer day--I wore shorts and a tank top all day, and now it is full out sweater weather.

Today Fuzzy and I are taking a mini roadtrip to Indianapolis to see Andrew Bird. I am so excited! I got to see him last week, too, at the Modern Wing at the Art Institute and it was amazing. Of course, in all the millions of times I've seen him, he's never not been amazing. Hooray!

And now I leave you with a photo of my brother as a little boy.
Young Christopher Red Shorts

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Tee hee.
I went for a run after work today. By the time I was cooling down, I was REALLY cooling down. And I actually thought, "Hm, I wonder how realistic it is that I could move to California before winter hits."