Still Here, I Think


Sorry the no-posts for a couple of days there, but due to big staff meetings at work and some minor illin, I wasn't at my computer for a while.

But I am back today, and doing a little better.

I think this week I had a mild kidney stone passing...not anything to worry about, and nothing to go to the hospital about, but with my past experience with kidney stone pain, I was able to recognize it when it started and nurse myself back to health a little bit (basically water and sleep). I am taking it easy this week--I haven't been too nice to my body and mind lately, and I need to get that back in check. The next couple of weeks are going to be busy, but in a fun way, so it is ok that I sort of checked out for a while there.

How's it going for all of you?

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and she pointed out that while all of my writing and reading has been good for me, they are all left-brained activities and she thinks my body is crying out for some right-brained dancing or performing. While the thought of performing doesn't appeal to me, it does ring true that I need to be dancing right now. Dancing out my emotions, dancing out the pain, dancing out the joy. I am going to try to make this a priority when August rolls around. I might need your help to keep me accountable. I have some choreography things I am working on in the meantime, so that is good. And once I am get moving more, I bet I will be less tired and stressed out, too.

Recently, also, I tried to fight City Hall:
can you.jpg

Turns out, you can't.


HA! I'm laughing hard at your fighting City Hall picture. Your my absolute favorite dork.

I just laughed out loud at your fighting City Hall photo. You're my absolute favorite dork.

Do you like how I posted the same thing twice? I had a typo of "your" in the first one and it made me cringe, so I tried to stop posting, but it looks like it made its way out there anyhow. I'm a dern English professor.