Answering Some Questions


It is always amazing how once you allow yourself to see something, it suddenly becomes really really clear. For me, some questions are starting to be answered, and it is kind of remarkable.

My friend Claire writes about So You Think You Can Dance for the LA Times blog. Each week, she gets to interview the contestants that are eliminated, and sometimes she'll ask if I have any questions for them--I almost never do. A few weeks ago, she asked if I had any questions that I might want to ask the choreographers, and I could not stop coming up with them. There are SO many things I would love to ask them! If I could see a panel discussion with the choreographers, that would be the best. In fact, that is my favorite part of the show--getting to know each choreographer's vision and seeing their methods and teaching styles. As I was coming up with all these questions, I thought to myself "Hmm, I wonder if I should listen to this?" and if that was a sign that maybe I need to make choreography my priority right now.

Within a week, I had a friend ask me to help her choreograph a dance, and another ask if I can learn a dance for her for a workshop performance. I said yes to both.

Earlier this week, as I mentioned in my last post, a friend who doesn't even know me or my past very well told me that she could tell that my body and soul were longing to move, and that a lot of my physical pain is because I wasn't giving myself that outlet. Another sign.

Last night, I worked with the first friend on a dance for the Belmont Burleque Revue, a show that I've been involved with both onstage and off for years. I have choreographed 3 group numbers for them, and worked on I think 2 other solos. Last night, I didn't go in with anything prepared, which is rare for me-- the dancer, Titi Touche, had about half of it worked out. Together, we created magic. I adore what we discovered together, and it is perfect for the adorable dancer that she is. The dance is going to be amazing. I've been so down on myself lately, but when I left her house, I felt great, confident, and proud of myself for having a skill that comes naturally to me and makes me feel like a million bucks. As I was driving home, I solidified in my brain that I HAVE to get back into a dance class.

When I got home, I was gushing about all this, and my dear sweet wonderful husbie said "Go look on your computer." There, on my desk, was a 4 class trial pass for Joel Hall Dancers & Center, the dance studio that moved 4 blocks from our house. "Happy Early Anniversary" he said. How wonderful is he?! So now I am excited about being able to start classes in August.

Sometimes life is so overwhelming that it is hard to see the easy answers and solutions that are in front of you. And it is a blessing and a gift when you can start to recognize them.

(The Belmont Burlesque Revue will be this Saturday, July 25th at the Playground Theatre a quarter after midnight. I'll be there, and I hope you will too! Get tickets now, cause it almost always sells out.)


This is awesome! Dance Dance Dance girl!

I saw Titi's routine on Saturday and it was phenomenal! I was grinning ear to ear the whole time!

Hey darling--

I just saw this, and was so touched. I don't know that you understand how much it meant to me to have your input on the number. And, I still owe you dinner.

Much love,