My totally awesome and brilliant friend Emily designed a sassy new purse that straps onto bike handlebars or bike racks. The brand is PoCampo, and the bags are gorgeous (and practical)! What's even better is that they are are made in Chicago. A few weeks ago, she asked me to be a model for some promotional shots for the bag. OOh, Fierce! Here are a couple of choice shots featuring the rack bag.

This is how you smile with your eyes...

Oh, I'm just casually sitting on this wall in the middle of the street, waiting for my friends...

Here I am as a backdrop:
Photos courtesy of Jamie Berg.

PoCampo info is here. Store list here.


Great pictures and great looking bike bag! I love the second picture especially.

Love the pictures! You make a great model!

AHHH!!! That is so cool!!! Way to work it ;)

Girl, I see your pictures are fierce... but can you walk?