Inked Up--a Photo Journey

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Esther Hard at Work

I am in Day #3 of having the tattoo, and so far so good! It is in the itchy scabby phase now, so I am having to show considerable strength not to touch it.

So! The whole experience was wonderful. I was really nervous the morning of the tattoo, but once I picked Fuzzy up from work, I felt a lot better.

Esther of Butterfat Studios works out of her home, with an adorable tattoo studio in the back. It was so nice and homey and so much better than the traditional tattoo parlor vibe.

Weighing the Options

Together, Esther, Fuzzy and I picked out colors and tones for the tattoo, and decided on 2 shades each of blue, green and reddish/purple.


Esther took the transfers and placed them on my arm and shoulder, following the contours of my body with how the birds might actually be flying together. While the birds are bigger than I pictured them in my head, it quickly became clear that that was a much better choice. The brushstrokes and subtleties of each bird are a lot more visible that way, and there is much beauty in the negative space around them. Once they were all placed, we decided that there needed to be one more in my inner arm, a little separated from the rest. Esther drew that one on with a ballpoint pen.
Esther drew this one on with a ballpoint pen

Then it was time to start! We began with the inner arm one, because it was the most painful spot. That was a great idea, cause the rest was cake. Well, pseudo cake.

This one hurt the most
Close Up
All Done!

An hour and a half later, we were all done! I am so thrilled with the results. I love it more than I ever thought that I would, and considering I've wanted it for 7 years, I knew that I was going to love it. I think it is beautiful and sexy, and very ME. It means so much to me. It is all mine, and no one can take that from me. It is a little piece of art that I wear everyday!

A Happy Customer and a Great Artist

Working with Esther was amazing and I am so glad that I contacted her for the tattoo. She doesn't accept every project, so I was honored that she took this one on. She made something that was already special even more so. And having Fuzzy there with me to hold my hand the whole way was amazing. I am so happy and blessed.

See the full Flickr Set Here!

So when you see me this summer, not only will I be sporting a tank top to show it off, but I'll probably be glowing. I feel like a new woman.

Thanks to all for your amazing comments and support!

1 Comment

Oh Erica! I love it - it's mroe beautiful than I imagined it would be, and I'm so glad you finally got it.

AND...what a cool artist! Wow - YAY YOU! You're beautiful!