Fuzzy's Microsoft Commercial

It was a big day for Team Gerdes yesterday. After the tattooing, a nice lunch at Cleo's, shopping at Rotofugi, and a delicious iced soy latte from Atomix, we headed over to Best Buy to pick up an antenna for our car radio. For those of you who don't know, last year, Fuzzy filmed an ad for Windows Live that is being shown at Best Buys nationwide. All of our friends have seen it, but yet, we hadn't. So yesterday, we walked into the store, and there was my sweet Fuzzy on a million computer monitors in the store! Our mistake had been that we looked for it in the tv section, when in fact, it is in the computer monitor section! The commercial is awesome! Fuzzy is adorable, wearing a headset and playing a computer game. Swoon! They show him more than anyone else--he is the base footage in the commercial, so it cuts back to him every few seconds. If you find yourself in a Best Buy anytime soon, go check it out! The store we were at had about a 10 minute loop of ads, so we watched it 3 times--it was worth the wait.

It also took everything I could to not announce to the whole store that my husband was in one of the in-store commercials. "Hey, couple looking at monitors! Wait 5 minutes and you'll see THIS guy!"

Yay Fuzzy! I am so proud of him!