Here it is!


I love it. It is gorgeous and even better than I ever imagined it would look. Esther at Butterfat Studios is amazing and sweet and I had the most wonderful experience. I am over the moon.
New Tattoo
New Tattoo
New Tattoo
New Tattoo

I'll post more pics and tell more about the experience tomorrow, but for now, I am worn out.

(but thrilled!)


Ah! My goodness it is so pretty! I love LOVE the colors and I love LOVE how they look like brushstroke birds. It's beautiful.



wow! That's neat. It's a very unique tattoo.

Joey will be proud.

HOLY CRAP. I just went and looked at Esther's portfolio and those are some of the most amazing tattoos I have ever seen. good choice on the artist.

Wow! Beautiful.


That looks so awesome. the colors are so vibrant and the birds look like they just flew onto your arm.

Hooray! They look so phenomenal!

Oh, My gosh! So Gorgeous!

I can't wait to see them up close and personal. Yay!

omigod omigod omigod omigod. breathtaking.

Wowie zowie. Gorgeous!!!

erica, that's so so lovely! it looks like tiny, delicate brushstrokes up and down your arm. congratulations!

The colors are gorgeous and it looks like someone painted them on- very nice!

Thank you so much, everyone! I am in love with it. She did an amazing job of really making it look like calligraphy. Thank you all for your kind words and support!


Beautifully executed. Lovely!

Seriously, that looks pretty awesome. It's definitely a cut above most tattoos I've seen conceptually.

Nice jorb.

That is freaking GORGEOUS! When you described what you wanted, I just couldn't picture it- but this is AMAZING! I am just dying over those colors. I have to make sure mom sees this- you do know she got her 1st tattoo a couple years ago? Now she wants another one.

That is some beautiful Art. Wonderful Wonderfull!

Honestly never seen anything like it. Quite beautiful and I love the colors. Why did you decide on the birds?

Glad I got this see this this weekend (in person). So beautiful!