I Love Thee


Mine and Fuzzy's 5 year anniversary of being together is the week after next. He is going to be out of town that weekend, and this upcoming weekend is my birthday, we decided to go ahead and celebrate this past Saturday.

We got all pretty for each other:

Erica and Fuzzy.jpg
(lookin good!)

and then treated ourselves to a romantic dinner out at ...

M Times.jpg

Fuzzy had never been, so I wanted to take him. I had the pleasure of going years ago for my friend Tabitha's birthday, and it was a mega super blast. Where else can you just go and be a kid and a giant dork and drink beer and cheer and see horses and falcons and a JOUST? Nowhere, that's where. This trip did not disappoint. I think I laughed the entire time we were there. We had a "free royal upgrade" so we were on the front row in the Green Knight Section, and we got a commemorative program and a behind the scenes DVD. WE ARE SO FANCY!

The Green Knight even threw me a carnation at one point--whoa there, buddy...I'm taken.

This is me about to Go Medieval:
E going Medieval.jpg

The food was tasty and we pretty much have gotten 4 meals out of the massive amounts of chicken that they serve. The horses were so pretty and the falcon made me cry a little bit. Those animals are so sweet and smart.

I was especially giggly thinking about how googily eyed the teenaged girls must have been over the long haired knights--swoon! If they had a Medieval Times in MS growing up, I am pretty sure I would have gone every weekend just for the eyecandy. And I can only imagine that it is the perfect job for fantasy game playing teenagers...and adults.

We of course bought the photo of us in our crowns posing with the king. How chic! It has a proud place on our mantle--where any good cheesy carnival photo belongs.

Needless to say, it was pretty much the best (k)night ever.


It was fun right? I love that you guys went.

And I'm telling you, you can't get better chicken then at medieval times.

that post made me laugh so hard. it looks like so much fun! i can't wait for you guys to visit so we can have some good times together!