Some more random crap

Why is my head throbbing today? You can call me ole Left Eye or something, cause the throbbing is unbearable. Come on, drugs--get to it!

I was just putting together a menu of some of my favorite foods, and I realized that my preferred palette is basically a glorified casino buffet in MS. Classy.

My prediction for Rock of Love Bus is Mindy, and she was my pick weeks ago. Glad to see she is in the final 2. Sad to admit that I am still watching that damn show.

I am getting my tattoo 2 weeks from today. How exciting!

My old church's music director (who was lovely) used to always slow down the hymns we would sing to almost durges, especially on the last verse (which he would always announce "Number Four!" to note that we were skipping verse #3. I don't know if we ever sang a verse #3, yet he always would announce "Number Four!" no matter what.) Anyways, this version of Foolish Games by Jewel that is playing on Pandora is so slow, Bro David might have had something to do with it.

Head. Ache.