New Hair!


Per Carrie's request, here are some pics of my newly shorn hair (taken moments ago with my phone in my bathroom.)

Look out for that nose!

Please note that I did not wash or comb my hair today. You rarely need to with this cut!

I love it soooo much! It is easy and sexy and it is the best haircut I've had in a while. Thanks to the superfabulous Monique Madrid!

So Carrie, you know I love short hair, and you know I will support you in your short hair adventures. Also, I am scanning all the photos from Memaw's house, and now I have all my old dance and Nutcracker photos! Lots of lavender, lots of red...she always put me in red and you in maroon or pink, right? That Mrs. Atwater, she was something. I'll post some soon!



Oooooh, HOT! I've always lamented not being able to have shorty sexy do's due to my coarse Asian unruly hair. I have had the same hair style for YEARS, not counting the one year of short hair (I tried) after Cadence was born. I got tired of her pulling on it, so I chopped off 15 or so inches.

Not bad. I've been shaving my head all winter. I hopefully will have pictures to show you once I get a new digital camera.

Ooh, yes, Ian. Post pics. I bet that looks good!