It's Nineteen--ninety-one! It's 1991!!


Lookout world, we're comin' to getcha! Cause it's nineteen ninety-one, mofos.
Check out my supafly boom box. Can you tell I like milk shakes and record albums and cars? CAUSE I STICK THEM ON MY SPLATTERPAINT WALL!
Oh yeah, 1991, bitches.



No, we just had a giant 9 and 1 and that is the way we painted the walls. I mean, didn't EVERYBODY have giant 9's and 1's that year???

I remember one day I was home from MSU and I started making one of those school day picture frames for my mom that has a picture from every grade in 12 little windows. When I got to my 1991 picture, I said "This is an awful idea," and I put all the school day pictures back in the box.

HAHHAHAH! That is so freaking funny!

Seriously. I don't know what they were thinking. The other bad one was the year we had to "bust through" the ripped paper. Remember that? It looked like we had to look through a toilet bowl. It was Spring photos and I was sick and forgot and wore my giant HONOR ROLL shirt, and then since I was sick and had missed regular school picture day, they printed my damn HONOR ROLL pic in the yearbook. I think I was in like 7th or 8th grade.

God, I was a nerd.

I am really excited about this project. That terrible picture is going right up on my facebook page.

If I could get out of bed, I would stand and give you both the solo clap that builds into gigantic applause (a la John Hughes.)


Oof. That was me.

LOVE it! I remember those awful burst through the paper pictures. I had a huge red bow in my hair--what was I thinking!

"God, I was a nerd."
What do you "was"? HA HA!
I imagine that my pictures from those years was just as bad as everyone else. But to be honest I really don't remember. I do know I got rid of all copies of my senior prom picture.