I have an awesome T-shirt

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My brother and I have always been best friends.

Growing up, we used to play and fight and explore and wrestle and generally have a good time. I had a fairly large room and bed growing up, and my brother had a tiny room off of my room that used to be a storage closet. Basically, we shared a bedroom with a little folding door in between. His room was great for recording comedy tapes and doing homework, whereas mine was good for throwdowns.

One such throwdown day, somehow, Christopher managed to roll me up in all of my sheets and blankets, and tump me off the side of the bed, while he laid on the slack of the covers, therefore keeping me from hitting the ground. I couldn't move--I was wrapped so tight I couldn't get out and couldn't breathe, but I was laughing so hard that it was painful. Christopher casually kept me hostage in that position for what seemed like forever, though I am sure it was only for a few minutes. Eventually, he freed me, and that moment became forever known in our house as "The Burrito Incident."

As an adult, my brother worked as a graphic designer before moving on to arts administration and later social work. He is quite talented--you can read his comic book here.

A few years ago for Christmas, I received one of the best presents I have ever gotten. A T-shirt with this graphic:


It is one of my favorite possessions.

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Hooray for "TUMP". Its one of my favorite words... you so rarely hear it used... especially when not connected with canoeing. Good Jarb!