Erica vs. Woot


I hate
I hate it so much I am not even going to create a link to the above said address.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, is a site that takes other company's shitty leftover electronics and sells them at a cheaper price until they are gone. Tech nerds love gimmicks, so the gimmick is that there is only one item a day, and there is an undisclosed number of these items and it is only "while supplies last!" That shit is like crack to a tech nerd, especially to a tech nerd who already has TOO MUCH SHIT.

Especially in this day in age where everyone is losing their jobs left and right and our awesome President is telling us we must change our past ways of consume and discard, sites like this are evil. They convince people that they are getting a great bargain, when really they are selling shit to people that these people don't need. Hey Jackass, pay your credit card bill first why dontcha?

Today is sort of a holiday for the nerds who love! It is a Woot Off!
What's a "Woot Off" you ask?
A Woot Off is when they take all their extra crappy products that they have a smaller amount of and the product changes as soon as the product is sold out!!!! What's the only way to find out what is next?! BUY THE CRAPPY PRODUCT THAT IS ON YOUR SCREEN NOW!! These products can range in price from $1 to thousands of dollars, so it is like gambling--"I gotta hold out for the GOOD items that will inevitably be coming up next."

Note to Nerds--there are no GOOD items, because no matter how you slice it, they win and you lose.

Since this Woot Off started last night at midnight, here are some of the items that have been for sale (Full disclosure--my wonderful husband is a Tech Nerd and therefore loves Woot and often falls prey to its siren song. He knows my issues with the site and the subsequent falling prey. Yes, I give him a hard time, cause it is my money, too.)

Shocking Shock shock alarm clock! It's an alarm clock, that shocks your hand when you go to hit it! It SHOCKS YOUR HAND! Get it?! Cause then you are shocked and um. WTF?! The only thing this alarm clock will do for you is make you crabby and start your day on the wrong foot. It was ugly, too.

Vexplorer Roboto Construction System! Robots! Robots! Robots! Yeah, so robots are cool, but not $80 worth of cool. You are an adult. Grow up.

Solar Charger with Controller! It has a CONTROLLER! And it is only $100 dollarssssss. WTF is a Solar Charger and why does anyone need anything like this?

Drum in the Air Drummy Drum sticks--Drum sticks that drum IN THE AIR! Do you know who needs these drumsticks? IDIOTS. Now take those drumsticks and shove them in your ass.

And then a bunch of cables and cords and harddrive and thumbdrives and dumbass drives and.... also has a T-shirt page which they can go to Hell for, and a wine/cheese page to which I say, Eff you, I live next to a grocery store, where I don't have to pay shipping.

Woot Must Be Stopped.


Good news, I just got us a toaster that's also a USB hub!

So, I'm confused. It's a little unclear.
You DON'T like Woot? I think Erica wins this round againat WOOT.

It sounds like skymall. In the high altitude, oxygen-rich environment, the weirdest stuff starts sounding like EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! A combination treadmill and hot dog maker? Why don't I have that yet?!?

This is my new favorite blog post of yours. You are so right! And I love the Raunch Rage!