"Stick with me, Kid..."


"With this kind of hard work and determination, we'll have our newspaper off the ground and running in no time! Start the presses!"


"You're a fine reporter now, kid, but stick with me and one day, you'll be great!"

Sarah and Erica

(Me and Sarah, 4th Grade, working on our report on John Gordon Cashman for our presentation about Vicksburg. Mrs Cook wrote the theme song, and I still can sing it today. "We are studying Vicksburg, and we're here to celebrate------reading writing and learning about a city that is great!" Also, can you guess who in the photo looooved her hair crimper? There are two correct answers.... )


Erica. You tiny little hilarious kid, you! That just broke my heart into a million pieces!!!!

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! This makes me want to dig up the photo albums that I rescued from my parents' house and see if I can find any birthday party pics....

OMG! This is sooooooooo how I remember your cute little self at all the family reunions!! Even then, I knew you were special! Hilariously, adorably special..

I was right. :-)

What on EARTH possessed you to put this picture of us up this week?! :) Oh my Lord, you just crack me up! I fully expect you to buy Elizabeth her first hair crimper. Crimping is totally ready for a comeback.

HA! Thanks all!

Melissa, PLEASE find some pics!

Sarah, don't you think you look like a young Mary Tyler Moore? You look like such a go getter here! Clearly, I am the goofball in this pic. You are no-nonsense. I love it.
(plus, you'll have your own daughter soon, and she'll need to see these.)

Love to you all!