Likes and Dislikes


Like: The rainy weather today.
Dislike: The new Dunkin Donuts waffle breakfast sandwich. I had such high hopes, and it was a huge disappointment.
Like: That these pants still fit.
Dislike: That you don't know if they sanitize the 3D glasses at the movie theatre
Like: Fake shopping.
Dislike: Not having money to go real shopping.
Like: That our house is clean and getting cleaner!
Dislike: Cleaning.
Like: I've been trying to look more feminine and I've started wearing different earrings and mascara every day.
Like: Ice Skating
Like: Cooking
Like: The City on MTV. There, I said it.
Like: My sweet and wonderful husband
Dislike: Slipping on a patch of ice and falling into an ice cold melted funk puddle
Like: Old photos of my family
Dislike: That I am running out of time to write likes and dislikes!


Do you know what I like? You.

And phrases like, "ice cold melted funk puddle."

Like: my wonderful wife