Don't give her your eyes


I might be the only person in the world who, after watching Coraline in 3D, has a complete and total emotional meltdown and panic attack. At least, I hope that I am. It was a beautiful movie--I had never seen a 3D movie before and although I was concerned it would make me sick, I actually loved it--and I really enjoyed it. It was also incredibly scary for me, not that it takes much, but the central plot of the movie concerning Coraline's parents was too much for my broken brain.

Ah well. It doesn't take much to send me into a tailspin.

The good news is, there is scotch and tequila in the world, so once I got home, I was able to take the edge off a little bit.

I later apologized to Fuzzy for the fact that I am broken. He told me that I wasn't broken, just battered and bruised. I love that man.

At any rate, Coraline is lovely and I recommend it. Unless you have parent sadness in your life. Then maybe go see "He's Just Not That Into You."


You know, I'm such a Gaiman fan that I have read up on a lot of press. Gaiman has said a few times, in reaction to parents who think it is too dark for children, that children have a much higher tolerance for the dark thoughts. They are not scarred by experience, yet they still know death and fear is out there somewhere and want to hear stories about defeating or at least confronting it.

That said, I'm putting it off for the very reasons you mentioned. :)

I love Neil Gaiman... but thanks... I think I will wait for the DVD when I have more emotions under my control and can have whiskey if I don't. Much Love.