Or Maybe I am just Losing It


I just walked around the outer limits of the bottom floor our loft office 3 times. Granted, it is a very small office, so I really just walked in a circle 3 times, but for some reason I think it helped.

You know that feeling where your brain doesn't want to do the same thing your body does? I am there today. I think I have too much potential energy all of a sudden. I kind of want to claw off my skin.

Or maybe I am avoiding working on some spreadsheets.

Or maybe I am a robot.

Or maybe I am just a big giant dork.


But Tom Waits makes anything better. Thanks, Pandora.


Tom Waits does, in fact, make anything better.

Man... I take walks around the office all. the. time. Mainly to wake myself up and get oxygen into my lungs.

And yeah... one of my all time favorite albums of all time is 'Heart of Saturday Night' by Mr. Waits.