Is it a sled? Or a french horn?

One of my favorite Christmas decorations that we had when we were kids were these window stickies. We had a big stack of them that all year were smooshed together in our big box of Christmas stuff. We had a Santa and reindeer and Christmas trees that were green and red, and a bunch of white snowflakes. They weren't like the window stickies you see these days--these were awesome and old school. If you put them on the window when it was cold, they would just fall off, but since we were in MS, that wasn't a problem too often.

This morning, when I got in my car, I sat there letting it warm up for a minute. As it snowed, I watched the delicate snowflakes fall on the windshield in their beautiful natural patterns, and I remembered those old stickies for the first time in years and years.