It's a Sad and Beautiful World*

It was lovely.

I was concerned that the day was going to be terrible, with me not being able to do anything or stop crying. There were tears, sure, but there was also lots of laughter, stories and memories.

I spent the day with a kindred spirit who took me ice skating. Ice skating?! Me? The girl who breaks bones and dislocated joints while standing still? I must admit, I was a little nervous, but I marched in with full confidence. When we were in Black Butte Oregon last August for Michael and Andrea's wedding, I talked to dad on the phone and told him about how beautiful everything was there, but how with all the mountains, he would be so nervous (he was afraid of heights.) He knew at that point, he wasn't going to be doing much traveling, and he told me that he was happy that I was able to see and do things that he would never be able to do. So with that, I knew that he would LOVE that I faced my fears and did something new and fun. It was exhilarating. So fun and hilarious. Not to be all metaphor-y, but it felt like progress and moving forward and taking a total leap of faith. It was very cleansing. I am so very thankful to J. for sharing her day with me and introducing me to something new.

Skating away on the thin ice of a new day.**

The rest of the day was filled with laughter and stories and good food and laughter and tears and laughter. It was wonderful.

Overall, the day felt like a celebration of life. Of new beginnings. Of starting over and moving forward. Of learning from the past and celebrating each day that we are blessed with.

Thank you to all of you who left such sweet comments and email and text messages. The reason I am still here and functioning is because of wonderful friends like you. Honestly, words cannot express how grateful I am to you all.

Dad would be so happy.

*Bob, from Down By Law
**Jethro Tull