I cancelled my MySpace Account


Look at me! A few weeks ago I cancelled Friendster, now MySpace! It's not that I didn't love MySpace, I certainly did. It connected me to a number of my old high school friends (Ain't No Half Steppin' in the Class of '97) so that I didn't feel bad for missing our reunion. I connected with friends I used to hang with in college and my Jackson days. It was lovely. But I realized that I hadn't logged on in months and honestly, I just don't care. Time to purge all the unneccessary things, and I actually feel a little relief knowing that I am less a part of the system. It isn't like I am hard to find, either---a simple Google of "Erica Reid" finds you one of 3 people--me, the wife of the president of Def Jam Records (I love it when my pics rate higher than the ones of her and say, Beyonce and Mariah Carey), and a 16 year old girl who likes horses who is actually probably in her mid 20s by now. So yeah. Take that, MySpace.

And no, I'm not going to join Facebook. Don't even try.