Hi Dad!

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Today my dad is trying to communicate with me. I have been listening to a lot of classic rock lately, so it may seem like it is a coincidence, but here is a list of songs I have heard on the radio today since 8:45am:

Hymn 43--Jethro Tull
Midnight Rider--The Allman Brothers
Let It Ride--Bachman Turner Overdrive
My Sweet Lord--George Harrison
Living in the Past--Jethro Tull

Those in my family and who know us realllly well will know the significance of those songs. No coincidences here! Everything is a part of a bigger meaning.

I hope things are well up there, Daddy!

UPDATE--I also heard Bungle in the Jungle by Tull, and I didn't cry!
I also heard Whipping Post--Allman Brothers. Remember when Dad met Gregg Allman last year? I think that was around this weekend last year.

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Aww! You're making me all misty now.