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Hey Dudes.
So I endured another week of pain with the ole chompers, but it looks like things are getting better and better. A check-up this morning means no more nasty ole clove oil, no more doctor checkups, and apparently, I will be feeling remarkably better in the next 3 days. Boy oh boy, I am looking forward to that!

Parker is in my lap right now, but there is no way to hold her like a cat an fully support her massive body, so she is sitting in my lap like a little kid. I am a kitty booster seat.

Labor Day weekend was good--VERY productive--mainly running errands and getting show stuff ready. Speaking of show stuff...

Woo hoo! This show is so fun to do and watch. The last time we did it was 3 summers ago, so it feels good to be bringing it back. Here are the deets:
FuzzyCo Presents:
The Neutrino Project
Wednesdays at 8:00pm
Sept 17-Nov 19th
ComedySportz Theatre
929 W. Belmont

Yes yes, that means that I am producing 2 shows that are opening in the same week. You are correct. (The other being Impress These Apes, which opens Sept 22)

I just learned that the first presidential debate this year will be held at Ole Miss. Way to go, Mississippi! And, not just because I've been an Illinoisian for 8+ years now, but GO OBAMA!! If you are one of my MS friends or relatives, or anyone else for that matter, and you are reading this and unsure of our friend Obama, I highly encourage you to ready up on him and his campaign. I feel that he can truly change this country for the better--and we can all agree that we need that. Click Here.

Fuzzy and I head back down to MS in just a few days to go take care of some family stuff. I have no idea what to expect, but I am happy to be heading back down.

I wish you all a blessed day!

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Woohoo Neutrino!

I have overheard conversations and was waiting for the official announcement!!