On Friday, I had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth extracted. The only 2 that I have. I have been putting this procedure off for years and years, and I suppose I am glad that I did it. Now, I don't mean to be all whiney baby about it, but the healing process has hurt like shit. I was pretty much knocked on my ass all day Friday and Saturday, Sunday I ventured out a little bit more, but then Sunday night--my God, Sunday night was awful. Pain all in my jaw, all in the front of my bottom jaw, radiating pain up to my head. I tried to sleep and couldn't. I tried to stop crying and couldn't. Finally I had to get up, take a Vicodin (which, due to my fear of medicines, I tried to take as little of as possible) and prop myself up for the night. The next morning, Fuzzy recommended that I call the doc, something I also hate to do, but did, because of some food stuck in my sockets and all the pain. And then I waited Monday afternoon with the horrible pain of the day before. When I got in to the doctor at 4:45 Monday afternoon, I was shaking, nausiated from the pain meds, and in tears. Turns out, I had a dry socket on both sides--just the thing I was trying to avoid. The doc stuffed my sockets (that's dirty) with some sort of throat numbing clove oil stuff, and wouldn't you know it? The pain was gone within 10 minutes! I have been doing better since then, but the pain is starting to seep back in, and I am trying to hold out to my next appointment Friday morning. But yeah yeah, it is good that I did it. Blah blah.

Sidenote: the oral surgeon and staff I went to is most excellent, and I highly reccommend them. If you are looking for someone in Chicago, let me know. Thanks to Dan T. for his passing the name along.

In other news, tonight I will be doing a staged reading of a script for The Office, also written by Dan T, and it should be a lot of fun. I will be playing Angela, and it is good to know that all my years of non-smiling Cutie Bumblesnatch training are paying off. I should add that to my resume. Unflinching cold stare.

Memaw Reid is pretty sick and back in the hospital. Please send your prayers her way. I am all the more thankful that we will be going down for a week on Sept 7th. This year...this family....man oh man. But amazingly, I am holding up pretty well. The other day I was thinking about myself, and I have to say that I am proud of who I am and what I can handle after this year. Not to say I can handle anything life throws my way, but I am still going strong (sort of) and that is a major accomplishment. Mom even asked the other day "How did you get so smart." Sadly, the ways were not happy ways, but that is what builds character, right? I feel like I am much older than I am.

To be continued...


Not older...just a whole lot wiser...I am very proud of you too..Hope you feel better soon!

I am so sorry to hear about this! Dry sockets are the worst.

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed my senior year of high school. And I ended up with dry sockets in 3 of the 4 teeth. Whoo! You know what kind of fun that is! Back then, they stuffed the sockets with iodine-soaked cotton to prevent infection. And that was it.

I had them pulled on Saturday morning. Monday morning, I went back to school, 'cause I was asst editor of the yearbook, and we had a major deadline that week. My face was so swollen I could hardly talk and I was totally drugged up.

The adviser took one look at me and said "What are you doing here?" and I'm like "Ve haf uh dea-yine", and he's like "Uh huh" and immediately called my mom to ask why she let me go to school. My mom was like "WHAT! I thought she was asleep!" and came and got me and made me go back to bed for two days.

I'm still not sure how I managed to drive my car the 3 miles from my house to school that morning - autopilot, I guess.

Point being - it's major surgery! Just because it's in your mouth and all your limbs still work doesn't mean you get over it in a snap. So don't beat yourself up for resting up! I hope you're feeling better!