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Update on Dad

I am too exhausted these days to keep people informed on the going on's of Dad's health, so if you want an update, here is my brother's update and my mom's blog, which is always updated.

Thanks to all for your kindness and prayers.

See? Cuteness.

Cats in cat beds, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

For real, people.


Tulips, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Hello all.....want an update? So much is going on.

Saturday I head to Mississippi for a week to be with mom and dad and take care of them for a little while. Christopher is there now, so I'll get to spend a day with him as well--an added treat. Fuzzy flies back from AZ tomorrow into Midway. and I am flying out of Midway, so if all goes according to schedule, we will have 2 hours together at the airport. I sincerely hope it works out--Fuzzy is my anchor. But for all who have been so kind with the emails and the calls and the prayers, thank you so much. I am truly blessed to have so many amazing friends.

In other news, for the most part, all is well! I am having an amazing time working on the DADA show--I am getting more and more comfortable in every meeting, and I am finding that my writings are a good outlet for my emotions these days. This week's meeting was a total blast, and I am enjoying figuring out what my DADA is going to be like.

KOKO is back together! Megan moved back this week, so we started off with a bang by performing for Nurse's Appreciation week at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where we got to see Jane in her scrubs and where all the nurses had a blast seeing her on stage. We sadly were missing Andrea, but I look forward to many more shows with all 5 of us to come!

The cats got new cat beds. Pics to come soon. And trust me...they are ADORABLE.

Semi-Finalists were announced for Monomaniacal! Check for the details!

Ok...that is all the energy I can muster up this evening. I'll try to post some from MS if I can!


Overheard on Clark Street... Wrigleyville on Cinco de Mayo and after a Cubs game:Woman on cell phone: "We should totally come down here one day--when we are sober--and just watch people."

Couch Place

In my 5 years of working at the Goodman Theatre, I always used the alley in the middle of the block between State and Dearborn by the Red Line Lake stop as a shortcut. But it was always an adventure--I don't know how many times I had to walk past the piles of human feces and peeing men and sleeping people to save 3 minutes. Then later, I learned that the dimly-lit alley was the location of the Iroquois Theatre Fire and was therefore haunted, so I decided it was for the best to walk around the block to avoid any ghosts or possible muggings.It had been a while since I had been in the neighborhood, so this week, while over there, I noticed that the alley is newly paved, clean, has new lighting and features lots of signage and advertising. Turns out, it is newly renovated for Looptopia and is now called Couch Place. Interesting!Way to go Chicago, for making that historical alley safer and more trafficked. But I wonder if the Chicago Ghost Tours will continue to make it a stop on their route...