Tulips, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Hello all.....want an update? So much is going on.

Saturday I head to Mississippi for a week to be with mom and dad and take care of them for a little while. Christopher is there now, so I'll get to spend a day with him as well--an added treat. Fuzzy flies back from AZ tomorrow into Midway. and I am flying out of Midway, so if all goes according to schedule, we will have 2 hours together at the airport. I sincerely hope it works out--Fuzzy is my anchor. But for all who have been so kind with the emails and the calls and the prayers, thank you so much. I am truly blessed to have so many amazing friends.

In other news, for the most part, all is well! I am having an amazing time working on the DADA show--I am getting more and more comfortable in every meeting, and I am finding that my writings are a good outlet for my emotions these days. This week's meeting was a total blast, and I am enjoying figuring out what my DADA is going to be like.

KOKO is back together! Megan moved back this week, so we started off with a bang by performing for Nurse's Appreciation week at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where we got to see Jane in her scrubs and where all the nurses had a blast seeing her on stage. We sadly were missing Andrea, but I look forward to many more shows with all 5 of us to come!

The cats got new cat beds. Pics to come soon. And trust me...they are ADORABLE.

Semi-Finalists were announced for Monomaniacal! Check for the details!

Ok...that is all the energy I can muster up this evening. I'll try to post some from MS if I can!