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DSTW Comix!

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They were mighty warriors...

From the menu at Opera:

Crisp Eight Immortal Squid Garlic Mayonnaise, Sweet Chili, 5 Spice Dipping Salt
Ah, the Crisp Eight Immortal Squid. They were a mighty lot, forced to roam the earth...wreaking havoc any chance they could. Only one man could take away their power, which was also their curse...one man and his boiling pot. That man is the great and mighty Chef Paul Wildermuth.But alas, this is a tale for another time, dear children. Now eat your dinner and run to bed.

Cubs Opening Day

It is opening day for the Cubs at Wrigley Field today, and apparently, the neighborhood has been going nuts all morning. I love the Cubs, sure, but as a former resident of Wrigleyville, I thought I would take this moment to clear up a few misconceptions that people might have about living in that neighborhood.1. Just because you live near Wrigley Field doesn't mean you know who Ronnie WooWoo is.2. Sometimes you may have to go somewhere that is not in the direction of Wrigley Field.3. A doorway to an apartment building is not a urinal.4. Men, there are plenty of beautiful, game, and intoxicated women at any number of sports bars on Clark Street. Your oogling, grabbing, pick up lines, and personal beauty opinions are not really welcome on the streets.5. Not everyone enjoys 'high fiving'.6. This may be hard to believe, but some people like to use the time between midnight at 7am for sleeping, so that might not be the best time to scream at the top of your lungs.7. As comfy as that apartment doorway may look, it is not a cot. I am sorry if you don't have a home, but if I can't get inside, I won't have one either. Plus, some people think that that doorway is a urinal (see above), so I wouldn't really recommend sleeping there.I wish the Cubs a fantastic season, and I look forward to seeing what the future for them holds. And I also look forward to going home to my quiet and cozy further-north-side apartment. Go Cubs!

Evanston is adorable.

The other day I was in Evanston, having some delicious seacakes from the Dixie Kitchen. I put about 52 minutes worth of time in my meter, but after lunch and a quick trip to the CVS, it had been 57 minutes before I got back to my car. To my surprise, I didn't find a giant orange ticket stickered to my window, but instead a small yellow ticket politely tucked into my car door. Then, I opened it........to find that the ticket was for only $10.Evanston is adorable.

Kitty Loaf


Kitty Loaf - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

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Hooray for Kitty Loaves!

Soiree DADA: Blinde Essel Hopse


I am honored to have been cast in the next WNEP Soiree DADA, which will run this fall. In my opinion, you can't get any cooler than WNEP's DADA, so I am really excited to be a part of the show and to work with such an amazing cast, composers, and directing crew.

I'll post updates here on the writing process as we go!

The cast is:

√úberDADA: Jen Ellison (DADA Dabo)

1. Joe Janes (DADA Mondo Yippeeee)
2. Virginia Killian (DADA to be named later)
3. Jeff Shivar (DADA Hoydl)
4. Ron Kroll (DADA to be named later)

1. Patrick Brennan (DADA to be named later)
2. Lori Goss (DADA Nip)
3. Gabriel Garza (DADA I can't remember his name from GPC)
4. Erica Reid Gerdes (DADA to be named later)

Our underDADAs (who will also contribute writing):
Dave Goss (DADA to be named later)
David Dastmalchian (DADA to be named later)

Stephanie Hoerner (DADA Es-Pee-Dee) will be our Stage Manager and will also be writing for the show.

Our DADA composers are
Steve Zimmers (DADA Wainscotting)
Jeff Shivar (DADA Hoydl)

Soiree DADA: Blinde Essel Hopse will be directed by Don Hall and assistant directed by Steve Lund and Bob Fisher.


My daddy-o

Father and daughter, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Hey all--please keep my mom and dad in your prayers right now. We need it now more than ever. Thank you.

Andrew Bird: Armchair Apocrypha

Andrew%20Bird%20Armchair%20Apocrypha.jpgOne thing I love about Chicago's own Andrew Bird is the evolution of his songs, lyrics and rhythms through the years on stage and through different recordings. I have been a die hard fan of his music for several years, and I rarely missed a live performance back when he used to perform frequently at Schubas, the Metro, the Hideout, etc. So when each album has come out in the last few years, it always sent a thrill up my spine to hear the songs that I heard performed a million different ways on stage finallized in a studio recording. So I was a little nervous that since his growth in popularity, resulting in more international tours, I wouldn't know the songs on his newest release Armchair Apocrypha. While that was mainly the case, there were a few neat surprises: his song Capital I, which morphed into I on 2003's Weather Systems, is released here as Imitosis. The lyrics and tone of Sweet Breads from 2002's live release Fingerlings are retooled with new music here as Dark Matter. The rest of the cd is a lovely and haunting mix of harmonies and orchestrations--the perfect representation of the direction that Bird has been headed over the last few years. Since Armchair Apocrypha's release on March 20th, I have rarely listened to anything else.If you are new to Andrew Bird, I suggest picking up his last album The Mysterious Production of Eggs as a good introduction to his work, then moving onto Armchair Apocrypha.In addition to the recent release of his new album, Bird composed original music for the upcoming Molly Shanahan/ Mad Shak Dance Company piece My Name is a Blackbird at The Building Stage Thursdays through Sundays, April 12-22 at 8pm.Andrew Bird will be playing April 20th at the Riviera Theatre.