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What?, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

What Would Latte Do?

Kittens are cute...


Erica and kitten, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

...cause they are like cats, only smaller.

And they are juicy like peaches, but taste like cupcakes.

My Summer of Flights--The Duke of Perth

I like to have a special theme for my drinking each summer--just a little something fun to sample and learn about. Since two years ago was my "Summer of White" and last year was my "Summer of Weiss Beer," I dedided that 2007 would be my "Summer of Flights." To kick things off, Fuzzy and I decided to try the Duke of Perth's Whiskey Flights. Since we're big fans of the Duke of Perth (and their fish and chips), we've been eyeballing them for some time, but we always find ourselves with a car, or a show or some other reason to not drink. So when we found we had last Friday free, we went for it!

Whiskey flights

They offer 4 flights--three of them are $18 each, and one is a whammy of a $70 flight, each with a different theme. Fuzzy opted for the Roving Dover, and I dove into the For Peat's Sake. As well as three samples each, they provide menus for each flight with descriptions of each's Nose, Body, Palate, and Finish. From left to right, they were weaker to stronger (not that the weakest was "weak"), and I found that my favorite was the first one, a Talisker 10 year from Skye. Likewise, Fuzzy's first one was his favorite, a Glenkinchie 10 year from Lowland. I was glad that our food came quickly, cause samples of six whiskeys on an empty stomach could have made for a different evening.All in all, it was delicious, and the awesome atmosphere (the patio is open!), friendly waitstaff, and delicious food and drinks makes this Highly Recommended in my book!The Duke of Perth is at 2913 N. Clark Street in Lakeview.


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Forward. To the future., originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

No matter what strife and hardships we have in our lives, we must continue to move onward towards the future.



I was hiding UNDER THE SOCK!!


Fuzzy comes out from under the sock

Fuzzy was hiding UNDER THE SOCK!!!

Tricia and David, originally uploaded by Erica Reid.

Look at my little mama and daddy!! This is their wedding day (can you tell?) on May 17th, 1975. They have the sweetest little faces! I am blessed to have such wonderful parents.

I am hiding somewhere in this photo

Erica hiding under a sock, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Look closely. Can you see me?
(hint--look at the title of the photo if you need help.)

Mustapha's got some bling

Mustapha kickin' it, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Peace, yo.

Fuzzy is hidden somewhere in this photo.

Fuzzy hiding under a sock, originally uploaded by Erica Reid.

Can you see him?
(hint--the title of the photo might give it away.)