Today's Daydream


It's sunny out. I open the windows and the warm breeze blows the window drapes. We sip coffee and play music and bake bread. I'm wearing a breezy blousy top and cut off shorts. The cats wander around the bottle tree artsy veranda outside.

Ok, so in this daydream, apparently we are rich. And we live in New Orleans and it is warmer than 10 degrees outside. And we don't really have jobs, but we create art and enjoy color. But hey, it's my day dream, right?

(I need to get out of Chicago more.)


Sounds like a good daydream to have! It's even cold HERE!!!

I can see and smell it. Positively divine.

I hear you are getting out of Chic-a-go-go for few days DJ ENRG

I sure did! It was wonderful! We went to Des Moines and Omaha--my first time in Nebraska! We rocked out 2 shows. It did me a lot of good. :)