Seven Years


Today's the 7 year anniversary of Dad's passing. Thanksgiving is always a challening holiday, as it was such an emotional time for us all 7 years ago. We decorated the house for Christmas for Thanksgiving that year, because Dad wanted to see the lights and we all knew he likely wasn't going to make it to actual Christmas. So we did. I have been sort of panicky about this day for the last month, cause I never know how it is going to go, and how I am going to do. But I am doing ok.  I am spending the day alone today, and I think that is a good thing. I talked to Mom and I talked to Christopher for a long time. That was awesome. I am watching Fishing With John throughout the day, and it seems like this perfect fit for today. I did a lot of grief shopping at Target a little while ago. I mostly bought sweatpants and mason jars. Seems fitting.  Tonight, I think Fuzzy and I are going to watch a Reid-ian movie, like Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise (also featuring John Lurie.)

But it is a "strange and beautiful" world (this post apparently has a theme):

This morning, when I woke up, I had a text from my amazing friend Amanda, and it read (among other things): "We're driving through Vicksburg today. I've never been to Mississippi before..." I couldn't believe it! So I told her to stop in to the Attic Gallery & the Hwy 61 Coffee Shop if she had time, to say hello to Daniel and see the tribute to Dad. I told her that it was the anniversary of Dad's death.

A few hours later, I get this photo:

Amanda 1.JPG

I couldn't believe it! It made me super happy and super emotional.

Amanda 2.JPG

So special.

There's not a lot left in Vicksburg that feels like home. Almost all the houses we grew up in are gone, we stay in hotels when we are there, and there's a lot of sad memories associated with many things. But the gallery and coffee shop feel like home. I love that someone special to me was somewhere special to me and met someone special to me on a very special day. Amazing.

Christopher blogged his feelings about today here. I agree with it all, whole heartedly.

I think Dad would love everything we are doing. I think Dad would be so proud of us.

Things are great. Things are hard. That's life.

I have a dance show tomorrow. How incredible is that? I never would have guessed that I would be dancing at 35. Dad would love that!

I am thankful that I had the time that I had with our pop while I was able to. Those years were so special.


David at Highway 61 Coffee


Wonderful post! love you, mom

Love.every.word. He is proud of you. Thinking about y'all!

Erry Berry,

It was gret meeting Amanda on this day. My thoughts are often about you and your brother. I m having such fun with the Strand, and I know David would have loved it. Sometime when you and Christopher can be here, I would love to show Once Upon A Time in the West and dedicate it to David.


See you soon.


Thanks, everyone! I appreciate it so much.
Daniel, when Christopher is back in the states, we should totally make that happen.

I'm sorry I didn't realize that the day had come and gone and didn't check in with you. I'm glad to hear that your day was one that was meaningful and good for you. xox