Quality > Quantity

2014 was an interesting year. There were lots and lots of ups and lots and lots of downs. I took a lot of risks and learned a lot about myself. I got into, and then out of, a major depression coupled with a heaping dose of anxiety. I answered some hard questions and made lots of realizations. And now, in the final days of the year, I feel like I am able to look at things a lot clearer than ever. And I am so happy to say that things are great.

I tried to do everything in 2014, and I did an awful lot. I am so proud of everything, too! Here is a short list of projects and accomplishments:
*I started a dance company and produced our debut show.
*I directed and choreographed a burlesque show-play, and maintained it and trained all the understudies for months.
*I directed a new SNORF show each month.
*I became the DJ for She's Crafty.
*I was a character in the monthly variety show The Plucky Show.
*I did a number of one-off performance nights: Funny Ha Ha, Scene Missing, 20x2, The Gogo Show, the Ideas Potluck, etc etc etc.
*I guested on a couple of awesome podcasts.
*I choreographed my first kid's musical.
*We produced season 8 of Impress These Apes.
*We had a 10 year anniversary show for Don't Spit the Water.
*Steve Gadlin's Star Makers! A season in the can and season 2 airing in a couple days!
*I started dancing with a new company.
*We swam 2 miles in Lake Superior.
*I did another triathlon.

And a million and one other things.

In thinking ahead to 2015, I decided that I needed to try to do less and make it all mean more. So I've recently turned down 5 shows and pulled out of 2. It was hard--it is hard to turn down paid work, especially when I left my job to be full time creative. But I learned my limits and what I like and what isn't right. So for 2015, I am going to focus on 6 major projects:

*Modet Dance Collective--the dance company I started is going great! We are all working on pieces for our upcoming show, which is scheduled for June 12-14 with Shmib Dance. I love it so much. Everyone is great and dancing is making me so happy.

*Shmib Dance--Melissa Talleda's dance company! I am loving being a dancer in a company that I am not in charge of. All the dancers are so sweet, and Melissa's style is out of my comfort zone, and I love it. Dancing is going to be my main focus for the new year. Also, I feel like I am a whole new person--rediscovering this lost love in my life and feeling stronger and better than ever. Amazing.

*Steve Gadlin's Star Makers--Season 2 starts this week, and in a few weeks, Steve and I are going to NATPE in Miami to try to sell it to distributors. We are filming in a new studio, and the new episodes are so great. So much talent! So much humor! We've filmed 12 of 26 episodes--almost halfway there!

*SNORF--The Saturday Afternoon Monster and Piggie/ Comedy-Variety Show is going strong, and recently really hit it's stride. We are having more fun with the show, and the guests are great! Starting in March, we will be in a new home theatre--details to come soon!

*She's Crafty--Chicago's All-Female Beastie Boys Tribute is SO. MUCH. FUN. We've been doing a lot of shows lately, and have a weekend tour scheduled in Iowa in February. I love the women in the group, I get to rap (!!), and suddenly I am in this world of gigs and bands and it is so funny and surreal to me. Can't wait for more!

*Drunk Monkeys--Drunk Monkeys! Still going! It's not always easy to find times to film, but when we do, it is so fun. I love all our episodes, and I am going to try to get more donations in the new year so that we can keep cranking with the reviews. Plus, it's a fun excuse to hang with Jen.

So, there you have it! I am sure that I am going to do some one-offs here and there, but I am going to try to be smart about all of my decisions. Plus, I am working a part-time contract job that goes through May. And I have the inkling to do a full triathlon or a half marathon this year...we'll see what happens with that.

Happy New Year, everyone. I think 2015 is going to be a good one.