Ericas at Dreamland Roller Rink

If you recall, back in 2009, Fuzzy and I went to Coney Island, and we stumbled upon this amazing roller skating rink that happened to be having a Purple Rain Party. It was a truly magical evening. You can read about it here.

Yesterday, I was thinking about how the shirt I bought that night is my all time favorite shirt.


It is incredibly comfy, I like how it looks on me, I like the fit of it, I like the design on it, and it makes me remember that night. I hopped over to the Dreamland Roller Rink site, and look what I found! The photos from the Purple Rain night are online!  Including this one, taken by Lola Star herself!!

Ericas at Dreamland.jpg

The Ericas rocking our "What Dreams Are Made Of" custom tshirts! CLASSIC!

Check out this awesome short film about the creation of the Dreamland Roller Rink, and you can see even more how amazing it is that we got to experience it.

So cool! Life is neat. :)