Blog Hop!


I got tagged in a blog hop by the amazing writer (and my amazing friend) Claire! It was a super awesome complement, cause if this awesome writer thinks that I am a writer, then I must be! Here goes!

What am I working on?
Most of the writing that I am doing right now is comedic personal non-fiction essays and script-writing for various stage shows. Also, angry essays about things on my blog. Tee Hee. I find that non-fiction, in my opinion, is a lot more crazy and interesting than anything imaginary, so I love taking my own life experiences and heightening them for story-telling.  In the past, looking back at this blog, I've done some pretty heady emotional writing, and I am proud of myself for allowing myself to get so vulnerable and honest about the loss of my father, my anxiety, and all the inner workings of my brain. There is a lot more writing that I would like to do in the future--blogging, essays, screenplays, short films, etc--so I look forward to setting aside some time to do that.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Because it is mine! My voice is important! I have lots to say, and I am witty, right? RIGHT??!
But seriously, everyone's work is different from everyone else's, because we are all different people. Though we do the same thing, we all have our own voice. My voice involves cats, though, and I am pretty sure that nothing else on the internet is about cats.

Why do I write what I do?
I am a comedian, so first and foremost, that is my point of view. I also come from a super awesome compassionate family who cares about things and other people and that shaped who I am am and what I like to write.  I think that it is important to put things that are not-mean out into the world. When I wrote about my dad's cancer and my anxiety, I wrote it to help me, but to also put into the world for others so that they could know they are not alone. We, as humans, share common experiences, yet we always think we are alone and that no one understands. And while yes, we can't TRULY know how another is feeling, we can often have empathy and stand on a common ground.  I really want to write about my experience with the years since my dad died--specifically about my mother's illness--and though that will not be fun writing, I think it is important and needs to get out of my head.

How does my writing process work?
Two ways: either I have something in my head that I can't go another minute without getting out and it has to come out right this second or I am going to go crazy, or I have a deadline.  I write like I choreograph--I think about it over and over and over and over until right before it has to be finalized, and then I will put it on paper. I know what I am going to perform at the May 16 Funny Ha Ha, but I likely won't officially write it until that week. I can't be distracted, either--if the tv is on while I am writing, I will write the dialogue from the show without realizing it. I can write to music, though--just not talking. Also, while writing, I prefer to be draped in velvet and diamonds while reclining on a canopy bed while having my feet rubbed while kittens dance playfully about. In Paris with a warm summer breeze and a refreshing cocktail. You know, really boring and mundane.

Next week! Margaret Hicks from Lost and Found Travel and Leigh Vandiver from Fun Things To Do While You're Waiting will continue the hop! Check them out!


Yay! Thanks for passing this along. you are awesome

Am writing on writing right now!

And your cat-voice is unique and beyond compare!