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This week, my aunt Susan sent me all the old family photos from my Memaw and Papaw Reid's house. I can't wait to dig in and find old treasures from the family and new old photos of Dad. I have only just scratched the surface of the photos (literally, I opened one box and looked at the top few photos), but I already found this treasure: an amazing photo of my bro and me as kids. I think it perfectly sums up our relationship even to this day, 30ish years later:


I mean, come on.

It's been tough having my brother so far away in Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa, but thanks to Skype and email, we've been able to stay in pretty constant touch, as long as they have power. But after their trip to the states in February, there has been a new development in our lives.

Christopher was given a hand-me-down iPhone.

This is awesome for so many reasons, the best of which is that he and I can now iMessage each other for free. We can text! And because his evening is my morning, his night is my afternoon, and my night is his morning, we can sort of always keep a conversation going. When I get up in the morning, I can expect a "what's up?" from him, and when I get home before midnight from a rehearsal, I can check in with him to see how his day is. It's amazing. Of course, in typical, Erica and Christopher fashion, often our conversations devolve into Bitfest USA, which leads me to non-stop giggling and zero productivity. It's pretty great.

Case in point: This conversation from Friday. Please enjoy.

Me: Hi! Wassup?
C: Working on a logo.
Me: What's it for?
C: Mwanza Charity Craft Fair
Me: Ooh, Cool!  Take a photo and send it to me.
C: Logo.jpeg
C: At a loss how to illustrate "crafts."
Me: Make the house a little smaller and put a display of tiny purses and paintings next to it.
C: That's a lot of details to add.
Me: Baskets? Africans loooooove baskets.
C: I wanna just write SHE'S CRAFTY.
Me: A couple mockups:




C (at the exact same time as the last one from me): How about this?

C: We drew the same thing!
C: God, we are idiots.
Me: HAHAHAHAHHAHA. I'm losing it.
C: If only the rest of the world were as cool as us.

Amazing, right?

Today would be our father's 60th birthday. I can't think of a better way to celebrate his life than by doing bits with my older brother.


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