Little Horse Canyon. Population, One Little Horse.


Ok, so this isn't a little horse. This is a big horse, that was at the Outlet Mall in Vicksburg last week. Yes, we were in Vicksburg last week! And look who else was there--Christopher and Katie! It was a quick trip, but we laughed a ton and saw lots of family and said goodbye to my Memaw Reid's house and visited the cemetary and ate BBQ and tons of Shipleys. Life is good.


I saw you guys! I was in line and tried to call put but my vocal chords didn't respond to the rush of Arctic air and I couldn't get out of line:). I noticed fuzzy's hair first and thought it had to you guys!

No Way! That's awesome. Yeah, that carriage line was intense, so we opted out. Sorry I missed you! Weren't those horses so cool?