There's something that I've noticed both in myself and in others, and it is that dancers (while generally very sleek and fashionable) before and after class or rehearsal, turn into hobos. We put on our dance clothes--our tights, leotards, sweaters, then we layer on sweatpants, sweatshirts, stocking caps. We wear big chunky boots. Especially in the winter--all attempts of cute outerwear are off.

That was me yesterday. I had on my tank top, long sleeved tech top, dance pants and tech socks. Then I layered knee high socks, sweatpants, an old sweatshirt and a knit cap over that. Then added my giant down sleeping bag coat and mittens. It inspired this tweet:

One of the shows that I am working on right now is in a suburb that is about 40 minutes away. In rush hour traffic, however, it can take up to an hour and 45 minutes. The director gave me her insider info on the best way to get there, and it worked wonders last night in getting me there in just about an hour.

I have a hard time eating before a rehearsal--it's the same as a race. You don't want anything heavy that can upset your stomach, but you don't want to work on an empty stomach. I didn't eat enough before I left yesterday, so I had a granola bar and some water in the car. As I was approaching the rehearsal space, I realized that I was super hungry and also had to pee. Luckily for me, I saw a Panera. I pulled over and parked.

I went into the Panera and saw all the options of bagels. Bagels are perfect pre-rehearsal foods! I picked an everything bagel, and ordered it plain, untoasted, unsliced. The total was $1.14. The employee asked if I had a Panera preferred card, and I told her I did not. She gave me a discount anyways. The total was $1.08.

I pulled out my wallet, and got out a dollar. The one I pulled out happened to be torn in half and taped back together. I got out 8 cents. After I paid, I then beelined it to the bathroom. When I left, I thanked the employee, who tried to avoid eye contact with me.

And I realized that for this wealthy suburban bread cafe, I was, in fact, a transient hobo. A hungry lady who rides the rails and has to pee. They must have been so scandalized.


I looked like hobocop this morning when I got all bundled up for my ride in to work. It was amazing.