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Plucky and Friends Photos!

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Here are some photos of me as Mrs. Lancaster in the super fun early-sneek-peek run of Plucky and Friends this past November at Gorilla Tango Theatre. All of these photos are by the awesome Oomphotography! Also, most of my wardrobe is thanks to the amazing Jean Brudevold, including the dress she described as having "magnificent swirl." It sure did!


P&L dance.jpg




Lancaster Broadway.jpg



The amazingly talented cast! All photos by Oomphotography.

We're on Lionel's Blog!

The awesome and amazing Lionel Fahy posted photos of our tattoo session on his blog and Facebook today! We even used some of our photos and an exerpt from this little ole blog. Yay! Thanks, Lionel! We love our tattoos so much.

I will claim that...

Just the FAQs was just named Reader Recommended this week by the Chicago Reader. Though my area of expertise wasn't mentioned in the review, I will take some credit for the following, which I have highlit in bold:

This comic British-style panel show operates under the principle that there is only one thing better than sharing odd and interesting facts: getting other people to believe odd and interesting facts that you just made up. Six panelists, each claiming to be an expert in something--such as 19th-century German philosophers or cult children's TV programs--are divided into two teams of three. Players present facts and the opposing team must determine if they're true. The team with the most correct guesses wins. The vibe is relaxed and the panelists are witty. It's like hanging out at a really fun cocktail party. And you learn things that will impress your friends! Like, did you know Stephen Sondheim once considered creating a musical based on Groundhog Day but decided against it because the original was perfect? --Aimee Levitt

I had a blast on the show (thanks for having me, guys!) and it's good to know that I was witty, being 1/6 of said panel.

More Press for BotD

Thanks to Leigh for pointing this cool thing out! Boobs of the Dead is on the Jezebel homepage today with a link from the website Roadtrippers! So cool!

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 1.14.44 PM.png

Choreo Shout-Out for Boobs of the Dead!

A new review from Count and Countess Gregula came out yesterday for our remount of Boobs of the Dead. It included this awesome mention:

"... the choreography was brilliant."


I Shot This

Come see SNORF! November 16th at 2pm at the Playground, $5!

Daily Inspiration-Lionel Fahy Interview

Newcity Press for SNORF!

Recently, Noah and I sat down with Zach Freeman of Newcity to talk SNORF! Here is the interview--Enjoy!

How Exciting!

Link Here!

Another Shout-Out: Just the FAQs

It's raining awesome over here in Erica-land, so here is a mention in this Red Eye interview with the fellas from the new show Just the Faqs! I am on the panel this Sunday. Check it out!

Plucky and Friends Press on Gapers Block!

Check out this sweet interview with Alisa Rosenthal about Plucky and Friends on Gapers Block! I got a shout-out woo!

Daily (Fashion) Inspiration

Today's Inspiration is brought to you from the 90s, where most of my inspiration actually comes from. Last night, we were talking about writing letters, and I asked Fuzzy if he was writing letters to Cleo, and suddenly "Here and Now" was in my head. Not only is it a freaking great song, but check out that lead singer! Cool hair, kicking the tights and cut-offs look, and a retro sweater! She is right on trend for 2013, and this was made in 1993! TWENTY YEARS AGO. When did everything from my youth get to be 20 years old? I guess right now, actually. I have always had the opinion that 1994 was The Best Year for Music, so I guess next year will be a big ole 20 year celebration of all those cds. I should start writing about them all now.

Anyways, Enjoy!


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Reid and Rine, Together Again

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Hey, y'all remember Arabesque, the super awesome 2 woman show written and performed by Rebecca Rine and Myself? Well, thanks to Steve Gadlin's Star Makers, we were reunited in the performance world with this great detective scene. Dancing and singing? I think we are tomorrow's stars of Hollywood and/or Broadway! (and of course, look for the special cameo!)