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Happy Halloween from Marty McFly!

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Marty McFly



Amazingly accurate costume provided by our friends at the World of the Weird Monster Show. We were (again) on the WGN morning news. Watch the clips here!

Kind of Blue

Gerdes Blue.jpg

Photo by Rebecca Hanson!

Busy Times

I've not been able to blog as much as I would like to these days, but it's for good reasons! I am working like crazy and harder than ever! I love it. Here's the current roster--check them out, won't you?


Sweetie Maude! Closes Thursday! 7:30pm at Studio Be. (choreography)

BBD4X5 Final4.jpg

Boobs of the Dead! Special 9pm Halloween show, and midnight Fridays through the end of the year. (choreography)

plucky logo.jpg

Plucky and Friends! I will be appearing onstage at the new character Mrs. Lancaster on November 7,14, & 21st! I have had a total blast working on this show, and I can't wait for Mrs. Lancaster's big debut! (performing)

Jameson Edison. png

SNORF! The Saturday Afternoon Monster and Piggie/ Comedy-Variety Show! I direct this amazing group of characters and puppeteers from the Noah Ginex Puppet Company for our monthly showcase. Upcoming shows are November 16, December 14th, January 25, February 22 and March 22nd. (directing)


Drunk Monkeys! We're currently in the middle of a new season, with new episodes released on Fridays. Our last episode talked a lot about stolen youth and things in jars. Can't miss that, right? (performing)


Steve Gadlin's Star Makers! New episodes of this TV show/ Web Series are being filmed and released periodically. Next week's episode features some really bad singing by yours truly. (performing & producing)

Thumbnail image for WickedWeddingLogo.jpg

Wicked Weddings! We posted some new dance videos over on the Choreography page. Check it out! I am super proud of the new one posted from Anna & Mike's wedding. And we were hired to perform a wedding just last weekend!  (wedding biz)


Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka! I'm excited to announce that I will be choreographing this show for the Elmhurst Children's Theatre! Valentine's Day Weekend! (choreography)

I am choreographing an original musical comedy opening mid-February! To be announced. (choreography)
I am directing AND choreographing a burlesque show opening in April. To be announced. (directing & choreography)
New dance project! It's been a slow start, but we are still moving forward about the unnamed new dance project! I can't wait! (performing)

Whew! Writing all that is wearing me out. But yet, I am making it all happen!

So, I'll see all y'all in May. :)

But seriously folks, It's rare that I have a night at home these days, since my work is now all in the evenings. When I do, I am loving making some autumnal meals, fresh bread, and cocktail experiments. It's not a bad life, that's for sure.

Living the Dream!



I am going to be appearing on a panel on this new comedy show of facts and falsehoods on Sunday, November 17th at 8pm at Stage 773! I can't wait!




SNORF is back! With an all new show! Come check us out on the following dates:
Saturday, October 26th (Special Guest: Plucky Rosenthal!)
Saturday, November 16th (Special Guest: Midnight Moxie!)
Saturday, December 14th (Special Guest: Dana Dardai!)
2:00 pm
The Playground Theater
3209 N Halsted
Running time is approximately 1 hour, with no intermission

Produced by the Noah Ginex Puppet Company. Featuring: Noah Ginex, Adam McAleavey, Regan Davis, Amanda Rountree, Stephen Winchell and Taylor Bibat. Directed by me!

Hope to see you there!

My Rebeccas

I got some R&R time last weekend--literally--with Rebecca and Rebecca! Look at these beautiful ladies!


Interview with Groupon: Boobs of the Dead

Nicole Keating and I were interviewed by Groupon's "Guide to Chicago" blog about Boobs of the Dead and what we would do in a real life zombie apocalypse.

Read it here!

Project Update

Sweetie Maude opened and it has run for 2 weeks now. 4 more to go! It is hilarious and the cast is so talented.
Boobs of the Dead opened and is now set to run til the end of the year. I have a new number in it this year that I am really proud of.
We released the video to Work Shirt and I couldn't be happier with it.
Steve Gadlin's Star Makers keeps trucking along. More episodes coming soon!
We are in rehearsals again for SNORF--shows are Oct 26, Nov 16 and Dec 14. Fun for kids and adults alike.
I'll be appearing in the show Plucky and Friends Nov 7, 14, 21st Gorilla Tango. I have a new character I will debut.
I have a project in the horizon of a dance collaboration with a choreographer and some awesome dancers. The best part? I'll actually be dancing in it! I can't wait.
I'm choreographing a musical that will open in the new year.
I'll be directing and choreographing a show TBA in the spring.
Drunk Monkeys just started a new season!
New dance videos will soon be posted on Wicked Weddings.

And there are probably some things here that I forgot.
Living the Dream!

Boobs of the Dead, a Walking Dead Burlesque

It's the Halloween season! Which means that it's time for spooky burlesque shows. Including this one:


Boobs of the Dead is back! With a whole new dance this time around! The cast is awesome, the show is hilarious and I'm super proud of the work we've put into it (I'm the choreographer for it).

Opening Friday, October 4th!
Fridays at 11:59pm through December 27th
Saturdays at 10:30 pm for the month of October
Special Halloween night performance at 9pm!
At Gorilla Tango Theatre at 1919 N Milwaukee
Get tickets here!

Work Shirt

I am EXTREMELY pleased to announce the release of a new music video for the rap duo 8090 for their song "Work Shirt." Fuzzy and I directed, shot and edited the video, and I could not be happier with the outcome. I hope that you will be, too!

Warning, the lyrics are Not Safe for Work/ Explicit Content.


"Work Shirt" from the album Work Music by 8090

Directed, shot and edited by Fuzzy Gerdes and Erica Reid for FuzzyCo.

Starring: Andy Metz and Seth Williams

Kirsten Chan
Laura Glyda
Monique Madrid
GeorgeGabe Gonzalez
Corey Rittmaster
Denise Adan
Bella Ciao
Ramona Mourir
ViVi Valens
Eva LaFeva
Deja Sue
Laura Hugg
Fuzzy Gerdes
Jessy Lauren Smith

Special thanks to Shaun Himmerick.

Get Work Music at www.8090MUSIC.com