Daily (Fashion) Inspiration

Today's Inspiration is brought to you from the 90s, where most of my inspiration actually comes from. Last night, we were talking about writing letters, and I asked Fuzzy if he was writing letters to Cleo, and suddenly "Here and Now" was in my head. Not only is it a freaking great song, but check out that lead singer! Cool hair, kicking the tights and cut-offs look, and a retro sweater! She is right on trend for 2013, and this was made in 1993! TWENTY YEARS AGO. When did everything from my youth get to be 20 years old? I guess right now, actually. I have always had the opinion that 1994 was The Best Year for Music, so I guess next year will be a big ole 20 year celebration of all those cds. I should start writing about them all now.

Anyways, Enjoy!