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Daily Inspiration

The Biebs is killing it with videos lately. So good.

Daily Inspiration

Heavy Rotation

I listened to this song on repeat for an hour today, and I keep listening to it. 

Forever Inspiration

This song is giving me life right now, and not only am I listening to it on repeat all day every day, I am also listening to the whole new Blur album a lot (though mostly this song.) Then I looked up the video, and OF COURSE it is my favorite kind of video. And it is perfect. Enjoy.

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

Atoms for Peace: Ingenue

(Thanks to Lily for the link!)

Song of the Day

I am obsessed with Alt-J right now, and I am listening to this song on repeat today. Enjoy.

Daily Inspiration-Lionel Fahy Interview

Daily (Fashion) Inspiration

Today's Inspiration is brought to you from the 90s, where most of my inspiration actually comes from. Last night, we were talking about writing letters, and I asked Fuzzy if he was writing letters to Cleo, and suddenly "Here and Now" was in my head. Not only is it a freaking great song, but check out that lead singer! Cool hair, kicking the tights and cut-offs look, and a retro sweater! She is right on trend for 2013, and this was made in 1993! TWENTY YEARS AGO. When did everything from my youth get to be 20 years old? I guess right now, actually. I have always had the opinion that 1994 was The Best Year for Music, so I guess next year will be a big ole 20 year celebration of all those cds. I should start writing about them all now.

Anyways, Enjoy!