Not Quite


A few weeks ago, I found myself at a building with a very exciting name--The Reid-Murdoch Center. Do you see why it is so exciting?! REID! Whenever I find a Reid spelled my way, I feel a special kindred bond the person/place/thing. Everyone always spells our name Reed, and usually, I get called Eric a lot, too. I've spent a lot of my past being Eric Reed.

Upon entering the building, I beamed with excitement of the name recognition that was about to happen between me and the security guard. LOOK, MY NAME IS JUST LIKE THIS BUILDING! How rare and neat is that?! All a-twitter, I handed over my ID for her to copy my name down.

And she handed me back this:


Sad Trombone.

Oh well, maybe next time.



What a dumbass!!!

ME?!?! Gee thanks! :)

I don't think the security guard was a dumbass. In fact, I am glad it happened. COMEDY!

Oh Rochelle at the front desk.